Why Now is A Great Time to Invest In the US Real Estate Market

There are still clouds of speculation regarding the future of real estate industry after this years election.

As we take a look at the market, we can see several trends There are so many factors that can either propel the real estate on top or pull it down. However, in Las Vegas we have seen a rise of investors both local, national and international. I will share with you three reasons this is occurring in the market!

Despite of the uncertainty, 95% of foreign real estate investors are positive that overall climate will be favourable for the industry this year. This survey was conducted by the Association of Foreign Investors in Real Estate (AFIRE). Here are some reasons why the U.S is the leading choice for foreign real estate investors.

1.Stability and Security

The U.S market continues to show signs of stability despite the slow economic performance worldwide. In the same survey of AFIRE, it was shown that foreign investors trust the country’s strong rule of law and corporate governance.

Investors from foreign countries experiencing economic turmoil are confident in putting their money in the US rather than in their own county. Foreign investors believe that their money is safe to be invested in the US soils than elsewhere.

2. Opportunities in Major U.S. Cities
Major cities in the U.S. are expected to display a rise in real estate appreciation. These cities are Los Angeles, Boston, New York, San Francisco and Seattle – and, of course, Las Vegas. There is an increase in demand for properties as Millennials are keen on finding properties that they can own or rent.

Keep in mind that these cities are heavily industrialized and this translates to more job opportunities for young professionals. Also, foreign investors want to put their money in properties where they think the value can appreciate over time. There are growing opportunities for all sorts of investors looking to own Las Vegas luxury homes and this is due to two driving forces; primarily the foreign market investment in the real estate continues to receive positive feedback for capital appreciation in these major cities and locals are investing in the market.

3. Other sectors are showing positive investment opportunities as well.

Positive things that happen to other market sectors- technology, manufacturing, agriculture- produces positive impact to the real estate industry as well. Positive trends in other sectors are encouraging to capital expansion goals in the industrial real estate. We can therefore conclude that the U.S is still a financial stalwart throughout the world. Though some foreign investors may change their preferred types of investment from time to time, their interest in U.S property remains strong.


The Best Real Estate Apps

It doesn’t matter whether you are a seller, a buyer, an investor or an agent. There are real estate apps available in the internet that can be downloaded with minimal charge or for free. These apps provide updated listings with complete information such as location, price, pictures of the properties, and the ability to message the seller. They are just so helpful in finding a property or selling one.
If you are still at lost with what kind of apps that you can use, here are some of the most helpful apps that you can install on your PC or be on the go with your mobile.

1. Zillow:

This is probably the most helpful app when you are searching for a property. It can be used in many different ways like searching for specific houses that fits one’s budget through their search filters. It also has extra features which will allow you to compute for mortgages, look for “hidden” inventory, property estimates, etc. Zillow online gives good overview of the real estate market. The listings have MLS numbers to help make searching easier.

2. Google Maps:

This is essential for anyone in the real estate business, especially the agents and the buyers. As for the agents, Google Maps become handy when they want to show the property to the potential buyer. The same is true for the buyer; he will be directed to the right address by using this app. It is an indispensable solution that needs to be installed in your pocket.

3. Mortgage Calculator:

It helps the buyer, the seller and the agent understand the repayment requirements of a mortgage. This is easy to use and includes almost all important parameters to give the most accurate results. It can show how much the buyer needs to pay for the mortgage in a monthly or bi-weekly schedule.

4. Sitegeist:

This is an interesting app because it is a multi-purpose tool that provides a lot of information. Depending on where you are, this will provide you with interesting data such as the demography in the area, average temperature, commuting info, and popular spots nearby. Sitegeist is great tool, and for the most part, it provides useful facts and information that your clients can be interested in.

5. Vert:

This is a very helpful conversion tool. This is extremely helpful when an agents needs to convert measurement, weight, volume and even currency in another system.

6. Cam Scanner:

Now as an agent, you don’t need to have an external office-type scanner to scan the documents that you need. Cam scanner can do that for you using your mobile device. The scanned documents just look like real scan without the need for you to rush to the office!